A small poem or something I wrote and want to share

Looking in from the outside

Eyes shut but pupils wide

Everyone just sees the appeal

But to this world they’re a newbie

Alone I tread the path of truth

Never know if I’ll even been through

Every epoch it’s unadulterated existence

Because my own psyche is my biggest rival

Hence the affliction, hence the agony

Wisdom is what I want to gain

It’s still undefined and it’s uncharted

But to me it has been shown

Brighter than light

Darker than it’s abstention

It shines out of sight

Hidden from your every sense

It’s power alterations you

If you is letting it do

Surrender and tell it run it’s course

So finally, it may become yours

I know it’s nothing huge but I’ve experienced considering it advance and exactly felt like sharing it. Please excuse my bad language skills, English isn’t my native speech( but a lot easier to rhyme than my native communication ).

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