Not so easy

I’m 22. I haven’t had the easiest life: terribly egocentric leader, sexually abusive baby, severe hollow, near-death substance abuse matters, though in the past 2 years since my much needed spontaneous rouse I’ve come to know the truth about my life and take charge. I do my best not to talk to either of my mothers, lives alone, and took the perilous route of coming off of benzodiazepines. I’m now mentally, physically, and spiritually well and am starting to build a beautiful internal world-wide. I have no friends because I got stuck in a new country at the beginning of the virus and remained. “Peoples lives” took such a big turn. I know what genuine dip is like but I would say I’m having a dark night of the someone place right now. Things are pleasant and I hold a certain amount of love for myself and the world but I’m reaching a point where it seems like life and the spiritual track has ever been easy for me and never are likely to be. It seems so useless. It manufactures me upset to feel like I’ve been such a wonderful and cherishing person my whole lifetime to merely have it devastated since infancy. I have compassion for all who hurt me, it’s simply that sometimes I wonder why the pioneer established us out of enjoy merely to watch the majority of us suffer.

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