I dont want to work anymore

I’ve had a job since 15. I’ve always wanted to work. This past year I merely don’t want to period. Like I can’t get it on. A year ago we lost one of my individuals and it simply hasn’t been the same. I desire the longer switchings so I merely have to work 3 16 hours, and not a lot of places offer that. That remuneration is good, but I simply don’t get it.

I know we do have a really noxious being work it. My 2 coworkers that I enjoy are quitting this month because of her. Like today, I have stomach difficulties. I called admin bc I was.vomitting and so on and needed tome to gather myself and are now in, bc the place doesn’t have heat or anything. I knew it’d take about 3 to 4 hours to find someone to come in so I didn’t call in. I get there at 840, so 40 mins late. The whole meter this co craftsman is messaging me about how she has “shit to do” didn’t do any of her things today amd squalls out when she gets there. I understand it’s an disadvantage but I did tell admin know and they make her know 30 mins before aim of alteration. She’s likewise late all the time, due to getting stuck in a drive thru.

I dont know what to do. This is an easy chore. Do I continue on, do I find a new job, do I make the job offer I have even thought it’s a offer trimmed? What do I do ?!

I also dislike being alone and I’m alone my totality alteration, intending no other coworkers.

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