I have a question pertaining to Zen Buddha teaching

So I’m trying to practice Buddha teaching and follow them.

Buddha teaches that everything is part of a whole. We are all one. It also schools to appreciate what’s in front of you and to not verify the relevant recommendations with once have of what something is “suppose“ be.

It’s the recognize portion I’m having troubles with.

Do I realize a racist? A sexist? I’m a young African America female. I’ve endowed misuse, neglect, and suffered intolerance. I don’t not comprise a grudge nor do I detest these parties. But why should you admire these parties?

Like now if a racist are set to shout ethnic insults at me. The only foresaw I would think is “I love you. I’m sorry things are the way they are. Wish you could see me for what I am, human like you”

But I’m conflicted because even me saying that or feeling that way doesn’t end or stop their nature of loathe. Why should I appreciate they’re hatefulness? They’re still going to wish I was a slave or dead. And they’re going to feel like way about every other POC and impose hatred actions.

Using racism as two examples. My questions applies to anything malice.

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