What happened to me? What was this experience that changed my life

Was this astral projection? What did it convey? Help me perform pls thank you!

Incredibly meaningful event!

I went to a woman who performs voice bathtubs( be kept in mind, I’d had no idea what astral projection was at the time ). This was about 2 years ago

So I was having a sound bath& I just knew I had to depart from my person. It was almost like my form was somehow weightless. Yet likewise’ buzzing at the edges'( like a high pitch fuzzy vibrating various kinds of feeling ). I couldn’t move if I wanted to. My body felt inactive. Present but no longer a vessel for my mind. I felt my someone rising out of my figure& going to a spiritual place of being.& Nobody could’ wake me up ‘, even tho they did try

I went to a number of places,& I considered my wed, among other things.

The most significant one 😛 TAGEND

I knew myself on a coast. Merely sand& ocean as far as the eye could see.

On the coast was a number of incarnations of me standing in a line facing the ocean. I knew they were there to commune with me. We are still smiling, fortunate& enjoying. They were myself, in this lifetime, in different spiritual phases of my life: – Child – Teenager – Young adult – Mother – Grandmother

They each had profundity to pass on to me. They showed me that my life was worth living despite all the pain I had faced, was currently facing,& would continue to face. That I time had to continue living& I would find so much better agreement& so so much incredible pleasure. I also reassured my childhood self that she has the strength to face her future,& that she’s spectacular& wonderful just as she is.

There was so much compassion there. It was as if we were all enveloping eachother in infinite exertions of ardour. Which I still feel with me today.

I still remember the feeling when I fill myself as a Mother. The treaty and wonder and pleasure she had to share.

It honestly changed my life. I transformed into someone surrounded by desire, with the forte, insight,& childlike exuberance& wonder of an entire lifetime lived simultaneously

What happened to me that day?

What did this experience mean?

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