My old problems don’t bother me

Over the last few days I’ve recognized my old problems don’t matter, the shit I depleted hours on being anxious don’t truly matter in the slightest.

I realized what matters the most is me, how I feel and what I do, what I can hold. All I can do is move on from my problems and live my life.

I can’t persistently live in the past or focus on other races, I can only alter how I am and how I deem things.

I do have a little bit of detest in my mettle, for people and things that hurt me, but frankly it washes over. Even for the people who hurt, I don’t wish happiness upon them, I don’t wish them harm. They’ve done hurtful shitty things to me and me to them, but being is moving forward and I gotta move on.

I accept my faults and there’s, I cherish every moment and I cherish every season we’ve gone through. But it’s okay that we hurt each other and it’s okay to move on and even feel that resentment but I’m not telling it hold me anymore

I made a post saying my ex ruined my life and how I was afraid to love again, that’s not even close to being true, because of all that I was beginning to adored myself, I feel like I can be alone with myself for hours and I can look at life-time differently because good-for-nothing stuffs but me.

I’m gonna be okay and happy no matter what I do, I can coast along like a specter and that’s okay. You can live the best life and be rich and got everything you demanded, that’s okay. Because we’re both happy

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