Spirituality & sickness

Dealing with a chronic illness that merely seems to be getting worse. Honestly this past year of health controversies have wholly awakened my spirituality and started me down this road, and accompanied a good deal of glamour and newfound fortitude to “peoples lives”. But it’s hard-boiled not to feel lost and despairing when your health continues to decline& you’re depleted with trying to find “meaning” and “purpose” in all of it. I genuinely guess my soul chose these challenges and I have tasks to learn from them, but why they gotta be so damn hard ?? Health topics are particularly tough to find meaning in because, unlike the loss of a hassle or a relationship, there’s not another entrance or opportunity opening for you. You’re exactly coming involved deeper in suffering and worry.

I’m nowhere near death but I have met more treaty with it this past year. What I haven’t been able to make peace with is having to live half a life because of my state containing me back. Any advice from an existential/ spiritual perspective?

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