What am I experiencing????? Uncontrollable astral projection, then I get thrown across the room, and then sleep paralysis???

I used to have sleep paralysis at night my entire life and its always been the same until just recently. I used to have sleep paralysis where I felt like something was dragging me and I couldn’t call out of providing assistance nor move my person. My eyes would never open during sleep paralysis. And I never knew I was in bed, I dreamed that I was being dragged across the floor of my room by an entity that I couldn’t determine. No question how hard I tried to scream nothing would come out.

But for the vast majority of my life it would only happen once per light and I is available to wake myself up out of it. But in the last year, My life went to s *** and the night frights got a lot worse. I I began having a type of sleep paralysis where I felt a vicinity standing over me. Sometimes I was able to wake myself up by shake my body backward and forward in the dream and trying to scream as resounding as I can and that would wake me up screaming and flogging about. Other days, I would make noises at night during these night fears and my sweetheart would wake me up.

BUT NOW …….. I ought to have having these experiences at night where I feel like I am leaving my own torso and being fling through the room, sometimes fasten to the ceiling, sometimes under the bed, sometimes like I fell from the bed, and misfortune scream for my boyfriend to wake me up, and then I dream that my sweetheart has woken me up out of the sleep paralysis( if that what it was ), but it isn’t real.

So then I DREAM that I wake up, sit up like a usually do when I actually wake up out of sleep paralysis, readjust my organization, try to relax, and go to sleep. BUT THAT’S ALL A DREAM. BUT IT FEELS REAL. VIDID.

Then it happens all over again. I float all around the room, kinda able to control where I’m float, then I get thrown against something again. Then I call out from my boyfriend to help me again. And then I dream he wakes me up again. And this process reproductions over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until I eventually wake up.

in order to astral programme, it’s a real thing, you first have to put your body into sleep paralysis. I’ve never try our best to astral project before but my sleep paralysis is like the flip edition of actual astral projection.

Apparently, distributed according to what I’ve speak, what normally happens is that beings intentionally applied themselves into sleep paralysis, stay calm, and then they are able to pull themselves out of their own body. But for me the process is the exact opposite.

NORMAL PEOPLE: Intentional sleep paralysis, intentional astral projection.

Me: Unintentional astral estimation, then sleep paralysis while still in astral torso.

Uncontrollable astral estimation takes neighbourhood first, I feel a patrol drawing me out of body, then after the fearful feeling of my internal being sucked out of my peacefully sleeping flesh dres, I then realize “Woah am I astral projecting right now? ” I then recall “Cool” and the frightened feeling totally subsides. I’m able to control how I hover around the room for a short time but can never break out of whatever apartment it is I fall asleep in. Sometimes I’ll “ve been trying to” but the ability to “walk through walls” or “go anywhere in the world” doesn’t give whatever type of being I am at this time to ever leave the room. I’ll then simply experience the whizs of weightlessly moving around the room knowing well I am fully conscious and in control.

Then, out of nowhere some strange action hurls me somewhere in the room and I’m left paralyzed in that spot with the return of the same horrendous feeling I felt while being unwillingly action out of my mas. And then I’m only stuck in that spot screaming out to my lover of providing assistance until I “DREAM” that my suitor wakes me up out of sleep paralysis and I’m back in my body. Then the same thing recites throughout the entire night until I wake up in the morning and “ve realized that” I never actually woke up at all that night.

Note: The apartment is always accurately the same as it was previous to falling asleep, I am always aware of seeing my suitor in the bed sleeping from above, but the weirdest thing of all is that my torso is always GONE !!!

THIS ISN’T NORMAL. In all the countless OBE and Astral Projection stories I’ve discovered they ever CLEARLY state that they can see themselves sleeping from above but my mas is never there! It’s always missing !!!

This is like inception or something, dreams within a dream within a dream, and it’s driving me preposterou. I never insure or feel any entities, shadowy illustrations or anything like that. But being paralyzed is extremely terrifying because I can’t move. BUT bad of all is the morning realization that I never actually woke up the light before sends chills down my backbone. When I clearly remember waking up several durations by the help of my boyfriend.

Can someone please tell me what to do ??????? Things are getting out of hand. My night frights/ sleep paralysis/ hallucinations … I don’t even know what they are.

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