Omegle issue

So I was on Omegle late at night. I usually do some silly material like “if you can prepare me laugh, I will skip”. I roar, come some good convos in , naturally a merriment day. I ran into a kid, about the same age as me( senior in high school ). I started talking to him and recognise something was not right with him. The first red flag was when he said he experienced killing his domesticated hamsters when he was younger. Although I was infuriated with him, I knew that my exasperation would not get us anywhere. So I obstructed my cool and stopped on asking him questions, trying to understand him. We started getting theoretical, I learned that he believed that life has no value and that no one should give birth to a child and apply them in such a shocking life, nonsense like that. He likewise told me about how he adores these horrible school shooters and how he would go into the military only to kill people legally and without repercussions. I asked why he contains these negative views and he talked about how almost every interaction with someone he has had is negative. So that must aim the world is this horrible worthless place.

I wanted to get this teenager to change his imagination on these negative ends, or at the very least question them. So in an attempt to get him to admit he cares about life, I firstly asked about how he felt about me. He said, “you seem like a pretty cool dude, you have not really come at me or anything”. So then I expected, “if we were in a room together and you had a gun would you shoot me”. He expected are ordinances involved, I said no, he “says hes” would for the stimulate. When I would like to know why he said, “what reason do you have not to be shot? “.

I was determined at this point to make this kid acknowledge he has value and other people’s animation has evaluate. So I bluntly asked him, “Why have you not k* lled y* urself if the world is such a terrifying neighbourhood where everyone is malicious and has it out for you? ” basically, “why are you still here? “. I was looking for some sort of foothold to work off of, something that he enjoys or cares about to realize him realize life is worth living. I required him to admit that something positive has price to him. In response, he said, “that is a very good question … alright guy malady was just talking to you later” before I could get a word in, he hop-skip me and intention the see.

I don’t know how to feel now, am I responsible if this kid discontinues up doing something horrifying because I asked about that question? I am having a very complex storm of sensations that I don’t know how to deal with. I am in deliver startle. What do I do?

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