In shock of my spiritual awakening, life makes sense!

I want to share this experience in hopes of helping more people tune in to this amazing frequency im feeling right now.

In the beginning of march i discovered teal swan and since then, oh my god. I know beings have mixed opinions about her. There are some people saying shes passing a sect but anyone who actually does investigate in the matter i think will come to the self-evident conclusion that this is absolute propaganda. She needs to work on her pall i suspect, hahah!( if youre actually interested in the topic i very much recommend a video, “teal swan is not a con artists” and such, by linsday acquires videos official. Its actually a very interesting interpretation of whats going on nonetheless ).

This was my spiritual awakening. I once believed in source consciousness but never did any late research on the matter. So i started watching her videos on shadow soul, constitution of allure, one-ness and such. It guided me down a whole itinerary of reinventing my whole reality.

I also went genuinely deep into astrology, something that was always very interesting to me but again never did proper research on the topic.

And, what can i say? Ive been feeling amazing ever since. 3 months now , not formerly i felt hopeless , not once i felt disempowered. I make i did, but i instant knew why and what it represented( and how to “fix” it, address the root cause ). Life ultimately has a meaning!

Example 1- i faced a huge rejection that ten-strike very deep, and i can only see it as an amazing enlightening ordeal. I cried my eyes out and felt all there is too feel, and by do that the biggest weight was hoisted off my shoulders. It felt like “great , now i did it and im free of my fright, i can literally do everything ive been afraid of doing this whole time! ”. Its like that saying, everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Example 2- i started noticing the pattern of not feeling understood or heard of. People in “peoples lives” not pairing my creeds and needs. I addressed the root cause and then started actively trying to change that by manifesting, visualising and noticing the times i actually am understood, the people that are compatible with me. Ever since ive been having more and more discussions on my “spiritual” view of things, which ive been afraid to talk about in public decideds because of the resentment it frequently goes in the western countries. But today i literally clarified everything i believed in( beginning consciousness) in a fully constructive discussion with some friends that i judged would never agreed to accept me, and guess what, they did! Even astrology, everyone abruptly wants me to talk to them about their charts and are completely open to hearing their problems when a month ago i was attained recreation of for believes in it in the first place. The biggest supporters of hard reasoning are interested in their birth charts and my opinion on them.

Example 3-a short one, i started manifesting meeting a lot of beings that seem interesting and stimulating to me. I congregated like 10 new people in the last couple of dates.

I got so much better coldness today “ve been thinking about” how true-life all these things “i probably shouldve” faith in are is evidence of. Its crazy what you can create. And for me it has been very easy, but thats not the case for all of us. My problems and solutions might seem very little to some of you, but they are just as much a proof of religion as anything else. So even if you havent been knowing this at all i really hope you see this as a corroboration of your own faith. Good things are coming, i blaspheme.

This is a sign. Source always has your back.

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