Monthly Spiritual Challenges Thread

Please use this sticky strand to discuss any challenges you are currently facing, or that you have faced and made a breakthrough with, so that others may gain from your experience without having to go through same knows themselves. A brand-new strand is the beginning every month on the 1st.

The greatest give of the internet is that it can help us gain knowledge from everyone various regions of the world, and fast. So use this thread as a acces by which all of us spiritual-growth driven folks across the world can benefit greatly; while motivate/ spurring/ spurring everyone else who comes here just for fun/ linger/ leisure/ curiosity.

All in all, we can have enormous spiritual discussions, share our memorizes, assist others and learn from others in a rapid and amazing way, by using the abilities of the internet for good rather than for the opposite. After all, isn’t that what spirituality is all about?


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