Birds keep attacking me

Lmao I have no mind if this is the correct subreddit to discuss this, but I have absolutely no thought where to turn to. It’s reasonably of a long story.

My entire life, it seems like fowls have just been mocking me and whatnot. Maybe it is in my intelligence idk, but let me explain some occasions. The most prominent is this one bird who retains pecking at my space every springtime/ time. I still lives with my parents( for ethnic/ fiscal concludes ). For as long as I can remember this one bird or various chicks hinder slapping at the window in my room every morning. I used to use the upstairs bedroom and for years it would happen. My parents and others who sometimes slept over noticed it too.

A few years ago, I moved down stairs. The pecking upstairs stopped. And it began in the downstairs room window. This wouldn’t happen if I slept at another neighbourhood like say a inn. Nonetheless, I moved to an apartment in another city for institution and work for about 2 years. First month there was nothing. And then suddenly, these 2 other fledglings come out of no where and begin poking at my opening in this place. I truly don’t condemn anyone for not feeling me because frankly, I wouldn’t. But my mothers were a little freaked out so when I moved downstairs those years ago, we boarded the window up. The pecking didn’t stop though.

Other occurrences. When I was 5, I was at the common. There were dozens of Canadian geese and a good deal of beings there, adolescents, adults, etc. It was my first time determining these birds first-hand. There was something about one of them because it obstructed look at this place me. Then suddenly, it just comes blaming at me while I was with my family. There were so many other people around. But this fowl a long with a few cases others time booked it for me. I extended and they kept blaming. Eventually, one of them would jump on me and I would fall down. Before anything happened, my papa grabbed me.

A few years after that, again, at a ballpark, but this time, with my classmates. I was playing conceal and strive. Your best friend and I concealed together. Abruptly, these fowls from above pooped all over me. I was covered in it and was teased mercilessly. Last-place time during a superhighway tour, while going somewhat fast on the road, this chick flies instantly into the windshield on my surface and explodes basically. It was minuscule and I felt bad. A few years ago, I went for a movement and this dove fly immediately into the back of my top. I have a big head, but still. Idk. This probably just seems like some stupid rant.

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