To calm your animalistic senses, give them a taste of the heavenly pleasures – Bhagavad Gita(I forgot the chapter and verse)

When I first read it, I didn’t understand what it meant, but today it simply clicked. I have felt pure blissfulness while liaising sober and on psychedelics, I have been filled with absolute orgasmic enjoy on shrooms and while studying. I have combined with another person so profoundly while having sexuality, I have began to deepen my feelings connections with my friends to the point it feels like we are bf/ gf, I feel energized as I fast, tradition brahmacharya, and make freezing showers( Some samples)

What I recall the ballad means is by doing the work to achieve these higher levels of pleasure, you will no longer need to express your desires through lower level/ consciousness … our animalistic surface because you know and understand the real pleasures that are attainable. Because after contacting these higher level of sentiments, you no longer get the same pleasure from the basic stuff, so you no longer try it and in turn gain the soul regulate to say no if it does enter your consciousness

Example – one night stands don’t interest me anymore, it doesn’t feel good because I have had a taste of what sexuality with a kindnes associate with private individuals can do.

However it’s hard-boiled because it makes wreak and sacrifice, nonetheless it is worth it.

Just some thoughts

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