I can’t move on but she can

What do I do?

I’ll never have these associations again. The best fornication of my life. We’ve cried from only unadulterated sensation. We love one another deeply.

Why can she set vigor into moving on but not trying to curb and understand how she can help my feeling?

She even said we’re amazing together .. it’s when we’re not together there’s issue .. from both of us.

So let’s fix that. What does she need? What do I need? And let’s make it happen.

Or “move on” and ever must be considered her. Never have sex like that. Never care about anyone nearly as much as I affection her. I’ve never felt true-life actual beloved before her. It is painful because I insure where I need to change .. and I am. It’s a process but one i take seriously.

So why …? Am I just that bad

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