Journey into Spirituality

I am Indian and was raised in a Hindu family but as I’ve go older I’ve realised my gratification and desire for Hindu fetes and phenomena was because they were fun and pretty much the only days I genuinely felt connected to my culture as a 1st gen “childrens and” I didn’t practise or feel very connected to the religion itself( also because of what it means to be an Indian Hindu in today’s political environment) outside of basic ideologies such as karma but of course these aren’t specific to Hinduism. I know I surely believe in something and I perceived that I am reasonably spiritually connected because over duration I’ve developed a strong faith in everything working out for me when I’m uneasy/ trapped and everything I require somehow coming to me, to the point that other beings have noticed, and I guess my exclusively outlet of this religion was always particularly face position Hinduism like saying mantras before berthed and not snacking beef. I theorize my biggest qualm with leaving Hinduism and venturing into spirituality instead is that I don’t want to end up merely practising a diet copy of Hinduism because that would defeat the whole point but I just don’t really know where to start on this jaunt. Can anyone help or present any resources?

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