Out of body experience. What happened to me?

Back Story: Last light I inhaled weed. It wasn’t the first time and I felt penalize. I inhale weed maybe once or twice a month and yesterday I shared a blunt( 1g) with my bf. It feigned me like customary so I wasn’t tweaking or obsessive just deep in thought. I went to sleep after having a deep talk with my bf about God, the meaning of life, and the specific objectives. Main Story: I went to sleep next to my bf. It was a deep sleep. I always have dreams but this time it felt real. It felt as if I arouse up and find my totality room but then I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of tranquility. It was so much stimulation at once it was almost like my feeling was slowly leaving my person like I was dying. The thing is I was apprehensive but not scared. I felt a strong peace in my stomach. I retain “ve been thinking about” my boyfriend and how sad it “wouldve been” if he woke up and I was dead. After that conceived, the impression stopped and my figure instant sat up and rouse up. After I went back to sleep I forgot about it until about 3 hrs after I woke up the next day.

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