CANTO III: The Yoga of the Soul’s Release

His was a spirit that condescended from larger domains

Into our responsibility of ephemeral see,

A colonist from afterlife.

A pointing beam on earth’s uncertain streets,

His birth held up a mark and a signaling;

His human self like a translucent conceal

Covered the All-Wise who extends the unseeing world-wide.

Affiliated to cosmic Opening and Time

And paying now God’s debt to earth and follower

A greater sonship was his divine right.

Although consenting to mortal ignorance,

His knowledge shared the Light ineffable.

A strength of the original Permanence

Entangled in the moment and its flood,

He obstructed the eyesight of the Vasts behind:

A power was in him from the Unknowable.

An archivist of the representations of the Beyond,

A treasurer of prodigiou dreams,

He bore the stamp of mighty recalls

And removed their lofty ray on human life.

His days were a long growth to the Supreme.

A skyward being nourishing its roots

On sustenance from magical spiritual founts

Climbed through lily-white rays to meet an unnoticed Sun.

His soul lived as eternity’s delegate,

His mind was like a fire assailing heaven,

His will a hunter in the footpaths of light-footed.

An ocean motive lifted every wheeze;

Each action left the footprints of a divinity,

Each moment was a beat of puissant offstages.

The little scheme of our death

Touched by this tenant from the elevations became

A playground of the living Infinite.

This bodily appearance is not all;

The form deceives, the person is a mask;

Hid deep in humankind planetary dominances can dwell.

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