Rant on why i realy dislikes ghost *hunting tv shows*, and how unfairly spirits as a whole Are being treated.

Ive ever detested these presents, but not beacouse they Are forge, (( i am a spiritualist so i personally believe in this )) but beacouse its always a exorcism, slew of atmospheres Requires to wander the earth and have different reason for not wanting to move on. and no , not all vitalities in your residence have bad meanings, some of them just dont feel safe anywhere else and is frightened, others have personal connections to the place, and some exactly realy like the vibes you Are throwing off. its far and away not ever a lost loved one inhabiting the place either. it may very well be someone pretending to be your splendid grandiose granddad. dont Get me wrong tho, i still contemplate these demonstrates suctions. But thats more of moral divergences. Even if by some miracle these dunces DID feel vigours in the places they see, wich i doubt, 8 times out of 10 they couldnt give a rats ass about the atmospheres, or the ones living in the house. its such a chagrin, and so uggly how hearts Are discussed the majority of cases, they Are still sentient. And have feelings, imagines, and nervousness just like the rest of uss do. so i personally feel its wrong to treat them like they Are dead. And that they need to move on from their painfull know i have 5 living with me. and all of them Are genuenly joyful lives with me, and i see them as household, just as much as my delivery family.

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