Am I losing touch with reality and living in a fantasy?

I’ve recently got a lot of predicament focusing in university and haven’t really felt like I’ve wanted to work, progressively more and more over the course of the covid lockdown the last year. I’ve registered this weird state of “enlightenment” where good-for-nothing materials except for being joyou. I don’t know if this just feels wrong because I’m a workaholic, or if I’m losing touch with reality and life and stuff.

My attention span has lessened a good deal and I just feel like I’m living in happy clouds all the time, which is a stark contrast from how I used to be- always grinding, ever “on”.

Am I just happy and unwound? Is this normal? I genuinely ought to have chilled my entire life and I don’t know if this attitude shift is normal, or if I am no longer able to be beneficial because I’ve registered some fantasy world or something.

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