It is no longer a mystery life is all about love. It stirs no inconsistency whether your love life is relatively okay or in turmoil, the truth remains life is all about love. Love keeps us exiting, pushing us through being; it is a powerful motivate magnetism. Love maintains us alive. You eat well, you sleep well, you garments well and life is worth living because you know somebody adorations and upkeeps for you. My brother man and sister woman, you don’t need to wait for the appointed day for you to die, without desire in your life, you currently a dead person wandering among the living.

Every brother man and sister woman hankers to affection and be loved because life is all about love. We all are created in the image of God, but independently we do not represent the image of God, a lonely party does not and cannot represent the image of God, it is only the coming together of a brother man and a sister lady that truly manifests the image of God.

No wonder most people don’t genuinely feel ended that’s why they hinder saying, I am looking for the right brother man or right sister gal to fall in love with and pending when that will happen, inwardly they must feel a vacuum, an empty space. A brother man or sister bride, without the title spouse, is like a landowner who will not rest until all the empty chambers in his building are occupied by holders. Anything worthwhile in life is not easy of attainment.

It is not easy to become a rich person, it is not easy to own your own house, it is not easy to traverse the educational system, it is not easy to become a star, it is not easy to stand out in lifetime, and certainly it will not be easy to find true love. No wonder parties are falling in and falling out of love, because it is not easy to find true love.

Most people mull marriage is something which they can achieve. Of trend, after doing strenuous endeavor many of us can be allowed to own residences. Owning your own house? that’s quite an achievement but no matter the tireless exertion we shape pertaining to love, most of us may never arrived here our destined mission because desire simply means we are always on the road, but never reaching our destination.

I want to make clearer love is a journey and not a final destination, take my word severely. We all are well aware, miscarried matrimonies are commonplace today and you know why? Love is not something most of us will be able to achieve; it is a journey and not a final destination. I am of the opinion most people don’t indeed understand the book of Genesis because if they do, they will truly know that human beings who are the embodiment of insufficiencies are evenly residing in an imperfect world.

We are imperfect, most marriages, hence, cannot be excellent and our world is equally not perfect. My brother man and sister woman, ever bear in mind each day we encounter the forces of chaos and darkness within planet earth and within ourselves. We are here to strive to make ourselves better and similarly strive to perfect our fallible world.

A herculean task, isn’t it? Now pertaining to marriage routs, marriage brouhahas I want to make clearer countless people are not indeed married to their true-blue kindred spirit, but they are married to beings that might prepare them to find their kindred soul eventually. Certain people must have to go through such a wedlock and a divorce so that they can learn what they have to learn in the tempestuou wedding and only then are both of them, husband and wife in the tumultuou wedding ready to locate, convene their soul mate with whom they can achieve the inscrutable oneness, they can truly become one flesh, which certainly manifests the image of the Almighty God.

Of truth I tell you, there is a great problem confronting countless people today and that is the idea of a soul mate. The theme of a soul mate is greatly misunderstood these days. A student of mine formerly “ve been told”, Guru, don’t you think I are well aware of my soul mate if I gratify her? I told my student, I restrain resounding these commands, know-thyself, the question is do you know yourself? He could not give me a convincing react. So how can many of you know your soul mates instantly when you don’t even know yourselves?

Also, it is rather interesting to note that numerous think that an encounter with a soul mate is an event preordained in heaven, therefore it is often accompanied by all kinds of signeds from above. If countless weddings are truly preordained in Heaven if numerous parties are truly married to their respective soul mates why are many marriages collapsing? My brother man and sister woman, I want to make clearer to those of you looking for some spiritual or religious certainties that your union or relationship was become in heaven,

I want you to bear in mind that the one thing uttered in heaven is what you are going to build on planet earth. Take my oath severely. In the light-footed of what I have said, I want to make clearer, in the end, quite a lot of unions will certainly fail, despite all their human efforts to save the marriage, in order for them to meet their true missing half.

I wish to call to mind a married sister lady based in Port Harcourt, whose four-year-old marriage was flunking due to her inability to get pregnant. She has done everything humanly possible you identified it. She has inspected “doctors “, she has imbibed series of brews, and she has been prayed for severally, all amounted to nihility. She gratified me for advise, I told her, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her.

Eventually, your fail wedding will be finalized, you will move out of Port Harcourt because of the failed marriage, then you will meet another brother man and you will get pregnant. Eight months ago, she referred me an email, trying to tell me she applied birth to a son in Edo state. She said, she missed her period within a few weeks of intersect a brother man in Owerri. You cannot magically change certain things. You it is necessary physically remained unchanged. I feel I have sidetracked a little bit let me continue ramming on cherish. People often say, I cherish her or I enjoy him but it is sad to note most of them don’t indeed know the components of love. Of a truth, I tell you kindness and justice are the components of love. Kindness has to do with giving yourself to the one you affection. You are telling the one you enjoy, what is mine, is yours, without conditions.

In the same vein, justice which is a component of beloved is all about respecting the one you desire, his or her peculiarity, slot, property. It means you are telling the person you desire, what is mine is yours and what is yours is yours. My brother man and sister woman, true love is like hugging, what do “youre doing when you” grip all persons? With your appendages, you create a space to include the other person. Of route, you must create a space in such a manner that allows the other person the freedom of opening his or her forearms to include your own.

Of truth, I tell you, true love cannot become your portion if you are self-centered because, in order to be allowed to to affection, you must withdraw from yourself in order to create adequate space for the other party. What we call affection absolutely starts when you move out of the way in order to make room for another person in your life. True adored intends becoming one with all persons and at the same time to depart from that person.

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