I had a sleep paralysis like dream encounter a week ago. With a hand that had an eye on it.

Id like to start by stating that I’m very new to spirituality, my aunt who has been into it for 20+ times persuaded me to start exploring it.

Not really sure how to explain this, or of i will very well considering it is 4 in the morning but it’s been continuing me up this past week trying to figure out what called me in my sleep.

Long story short i had just gotten back from a reserve gathering that included a pretty heavy drinking session, so the second largest i stepped in my apartment i had passed out on my bed. At first i had a dream that was about a sea trip, i was asleep for 30 instants but the dream felt like it previous 3 days.

Then i had the meeting,

After waking up from the previous dream and overtaking right back away i met my self dreaming in a pure white-hot lit place, as if i was blinded by light. The only thing visible in my image was a fairly large black hand with a glowing grey look on it contacting out for me. Nothing was said from the handwriting. All i can recall is a very intense vibration throughout the entire encounter and waking up with a tingling impression and ringing ears. The hand gazed at me in silence for about 5 minutes.

Im not very good at drawing so i departed digging to find the best reference image i have been able to on the internet , not the exact look but it’s close enough. https :// www.deviantart.com/ clerkart/ prowes/ hand-eye-coordination-8 6534391 8

Anyone who can help me find out what this means or what this creature/ being was would be highly appreciated.

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