If You Can’t Control The Current Of The River Then Don’t Fight It . Just Go With The Flow

Going with the flow does not mean that you don’t have a clue about where you are headed, it merely means that you are open to multiple ways of getting there. When you think that there’s only one mode of “ve got something”, you are actually limiting yourself because the mind can not comprehend the infinite.

We live in a field of infinite possibilities, all things are possible, your exclusively limitation is your own thinking. The essence of going with the flow is living in the moment and deter doing your best without thinking of the outcome.

Let go of the misconception of assure, stop forcing and start spurting. You don’t have to control the Universe, you just have to let the Universe work through you because you and the entire Universe are not separate from one another, you are the Universe experiencing a person.

When you are no longer fighting yourself and you let go into the flow, you are able suddenly feel really full of energy. The pour is naturally energizing. God is entitling you to live the life you live their lives. With God, we’re not being forced to do things we hate; we’re being empowered to do what we love. And that’s an incredible feeling

Part of the quirk is getting assimilated in the’ here and now’. Focusing your entire thinker on what is happening in the present moment. This makes no spare time to worry about the future or feel guilty about the past

What exists within the human spirit spurts into what is on the external surface of being. In other names, pleasure, contentment, hullabaloo flows from the deduce presence within our soul to the outer part of experience and not the other way around. It is not what happens to us that matters but our sentiment towards it. The mystic can see this, by platform aside from sensory impress: instead to go with the flow from what is within.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need

~ Tao Te Ching

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