Lucid Dream Log 6.16.21

At this spot in “peoples lives” I Lucid Dream more often than Sleep Paralysis.

Two lights ago I fell into my Lucid Dream. In this dream I eventually recognized and figured out how to use my borders. As I looked over to my freedom I envisioned my husband. I Know connoisseurs are going to say “well you sleep next to him..so that’s why you examined him”

Yes that is very true. Although in this Lucid I knew that I needed to take his had and show him we were dreaming. At that moment his hand was in mine, we began to float. I told him that “we need to go this way” Our feet gradually hoisted from the ground more we did not fly.

Next thing I know I wake up to the clanged of my husband having a nightmare. I shook him to wake up!

The next day he told me that he had a “Bad Dream” I is in favour of what he had to say about this. So I asked.

He replied. “I had a dream that someone was trying to stab me..I got scared and the next thing I noticed is that you were shacking me to wake up! “

Thank you for read. This is my dream log 6.16.21 -SB

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