What you have asked is the biggest& greatest trouble plaguing mankind

If you solve this one problem about yourself, you cannot imagine how many problems you can solve& thwart from occurring in your life.

All of my gumption is because i have solved this problem for myself.

In the process of learning how to stop thinking, you learn all about thinking

What you think, why you think, how you think, everything.

It solves your problems of relationships, feeling, stress, restlesness, sleeplessness, jealousy, dread, remorse, depression, feeling, frustration, intent& innumerable health problems too

Because most of our health problems are a result of our thoughts& emotions& discipline has very evidently substantiated it today!

U need to learn the process of doing so.

There is a way to do everything, because people are not aware of it, they end up concluding that there is no way& doing nothing

Nakul Agrawal

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