If you believe we are all one or all 2 Dm&DF how do you deal with knowing the darkest and most evil parts of humanity are part of you

If you believe we are all connected and we are all 2 beings essentially connected by the source. How do you deal with knowing that as a collective we have the brightest purest flare but likewise the darkest evil dark. The cosmo is balance I was shown in a image how either a past animation or alter dimension I killed a baby, frightening to which my usher or an angel would like to know why do you think such evil exists to which the thought to have the power to create innocent life innocent life must be taken the scales must be poised. What about torture though and child abuse and elder abuse. If we are all one then we would all feel the remorse. Sometimes a random estimate dads in my principal something I have no desire to act on. Its the terminated antonym of anything I require or actually feel but the judgment still occurs!

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