Living in same world as different person. Help

Mobile format. I( 24 F) am very new on my pilgrimage of spiritual waken. I am striving. In a great deal of ways I feel right than I is available in many many years with knowing what I deserve, positioning borders and viewing the world through a brand-new position that obligates impression unlike anything else has before.

That said, I am varying but the world around me is not. Long term rapports and relationships that have been the root of my past are terribly damaged. I don’t want to people satisfy anymore and as a previous over-sharer, some of these relationships were based on the connection of grumbling or having others solve my questions. I is well aware I am capable to solve any problem and I can save myself through gazing inward and likewise with the assist of divine intervention. But I is guilty because I have unintentionally hurt some people in trying to redefine these relationships established my brand-new detections. Chiefly because they don’t understand and think something is “wrong” with me but I have found my articulate and am adamant I am better than ever.

I feel very strongly that new people will come into my life who will better serve me but I live where I have been my part life-time. I’m finding it very challenging to exist in the same world while I feel very different.

I recently got a job promotion and bought a home 6 months ago, simply at the start of this revelation. Those are my buggiest ties to this area( smallish township) currently otherwise I definitely sounds like I should just pick up and move and give myself the opportunity to exist as the new me progressing faster than the guilt of my past reminded everyone by stay where you are. I even drove 35 min to a different grocery store last light because I didn’t want to make the chance to see anyone I knew.

How do I exist as a different person in the same world?

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