Regarding the Reappearance and the Preparation for This, over the past 40+ years.

Regarding the Reappearance and the Preparation for This, over the past 40+ years.

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The spiritual development of humanity is being spearheaded by The Office of World Teacher. More can be learned regarding this Office and those serving within this Office within the book by David Anrias, “Through the Eyes of the Masters”. Jesus, himself suffices within this Office and was overshadowed 2000 years ago by Maitreya, the Head of this Spiritual Office during his teachings. Free to download here: https :// www.scribd.com/ doc/ 3113110 50/ Through-the-Eyes-of-the-Masters-David-Anrias

For the first time in over 90 000 years, Maitreya himself is here, among humanity, and not overshadowing one serving within the Office. He, and some of those serving within this Office, left their high-pitched retreat in the Himalayas in the late 1970 s’ to physically march among humanity, spurring the agreement to change within hearts and attentions. More can be learned about this within the book by Benjamin Creme, “The Awakening of Humanity”, free to download now: https :// share-international.org/ index.html.

There are also the Keepers of Its own history, are connected with and involved within this Office. More about them can be found within the gave of notebooks, “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of Far East”. Within this work, their actual words have been withheld, though Jesus boasts prominently within this work under his own list. This set free to download here: http :// pamelaparnell.homestead.com/ life.html

I mention the above as not many are familiar with Maitreya, the World Teacher, also known as Christ. Christ Consciousness, is a name for That; Universal One-Man Consciousness that lives within each of us, at the particularly Body and soul of our Be-ing, that gazes at the highly Centeredness of our Be-ing, and That Consciousness around which the human race derives and revolves around.

Our Original and Infinite, Everlasting Consciousness is Universal One-Man Consciousness, human personality consciousness developed as a micro consciousness around our Centralized Infinite Macro Consciousness within, due to, and at the time of writing of our Fall from Grace.

We Are the Law, and within ourselves are this One-Man Lawful Consciousness, human personality consciousness developed as a surrounding consciousness that is in deviation of this Constitution we Are unto ourselves. Over age, as we apply ourselves, Macro Centralized Consciousness reabsorbs back into Self, micro consciousness, as micro consciousness being increasingly expressive of Lawful of Nature. In the end, for the current dual-held perception of self/ Self to fade, and for that Universal One-Man to stand forth again, as was so beautifully depicted by Jesus during his lifetime.

We are but One Man, Jesus during his time among us, laid the groundwork for this understanding, regrettably, a great many of his beliefs became contorted over experience, greater rationalization regarding this is given within “Life and Teachings”.

Universal One-Man Consciousness, today, is known by countless reputations within our world, within the West, known as Christ, by other calls in other religions. The reappearance of this Great Consciousness among mankind has been promised and awaited since the promise was uttered 2000 years ago.


Now, is high time thereof. For the past 40+ times, Maitreya, who perfectly personifies this Great Centralized Universal Consciousness, and those here with him, has been active among us since the late 1970 s’ preparing the groundwork for humanities’ march into Spiritual Freedom. The first enterprise of this Legion of Universal One-Man Consciousness, is to set up a Spiritual Vanguard from within humanity. To start reap unto themselves those within humanity proving a willingness to embrace Universal One-Man Understanding. Through teachings to lift out, bring to the forefront of the human mind, the truth from within. All a process of representing Inner Man, that Great Indwelling Consciousness, to stand more and more to the fore from inside man.

Many within the Vanguard do not so much show outer consciousness of these doctrines as right now is more a hour for the Spirit of the Law to be exhibited and therein to be a force of, love, goodwill, sharing, justness, kindness, those conceives, sensations, and accomplishments that embrace the Spirit of the Law we Are. There was a time in our past that the combined effort of 10 good guys could save humanity, then it became a 100, then it required 100 000, in our current day and age 1 million is not enough. The current number gathered into the Vanguard number by the millions.

Excerpted from some of Maitreya’s contents delivered from as early as 1978 😛 TAGEND

“Join My Army, My friends, and friends, and purify this macrocosm of hate. Sharpen the Sword of Love, My brothers, close your grades around Me, and valiantly together into the future give us march.”


My need is great for those who will work to make known My Presence. Take upon yourselves this task and lead the way. Soon, My friends, all will know that the Anointed One is here. Why wait when you may stand in the vanguard? My friends, there was no higher that they are able to do.


My Army is arrayed, in position; the Light of Truth glistens in their hearts, and at the Call from Me, it will act. See yourselves as one of that Company of Light and be assured that My Love will act through you. Make yourselves one of that rapturous Company and be assured of My strength. Take up the challenge which this work presents and be fulfilled in this life.

An excerpt from my prior upright, dated the 16 th of this month 😛 TAGEND

Within our current society, often great changes are spoken of as progress into, a rally into discretion per illustration are more of a amassed demonstration of commitment to the cause, and as such nothing like the above-described march. The physical marching here, is but a thought of the floor laying succeed that has been done upon the Astral. The Origin of any immense’ march’ into, starts upon the Astral and is a coordinated, and progress of precision, and this’ parade, is the driving force that creates the physical vitality behind, of, and for modify now upon Earth.

Just short of three months ago, I did a affix concerning the Note that was sounded and our starting to gather upon the Astral plane, to formation up hand in hand, into a patterned grid. This patterned shaping is now in the process of wording into a patterned parade line-up and it is through this Astral march we are about to undertake, that the physical driving force will be created, for and of change here upon Earth and to end up on the Day of Declaration.

We are not talking about 1000 or 2000 of us now, the digit fees into the millions of us, and this is humanities’ told marching into spiritual flexibility, and spiritual naturalnes has as a footing the three principles of love, sharing, and right. So expect that this march will be the driving power behind the rending out of the foundations supporting current materialistic inequalities, inequality, etc.

While contemplating this march of ours, I was given three definite, and luminous, evenly spaced gilded phases of light-footed. Was close to three months ago that the observe was chimed, and our reap started , now we are in the process of ordering up. Considering that spiritually, all things happen in stages of three, I am of the sentiment that our rally will commence in close to three months’ time. I could be wrong, though, within me, the feeling is that this timing is correct.

A long time ago, I was given the indication that the start of our parade will be synchronized with the start of playing upon what will sound like African rhythms, and the nearer we describe to the Day of Declaration, the faster the beat will become, the crescendo to peak as we approach the Day of Declaration.

I close this post with these utterances of Maitreya: My task of succor is but a start. When ended, I shall cross-examine My work and yours, and see that all are well-fashioned. My Blessings flow to you from My heart.

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