Don’t give up on connecting..

Hello friends, new here but not new to my spiritual journey. I had an experience last-place nighttime that totally authenticated the labor I’ve done thus far. I wanted to share this with like sentiment individuals who may not have received or spotted signeds they’ve been searching for yet.

( Backstory – My mother accepts my grandmothers offering has been passed down to me. Old legends told by family are that she could channel and would use her talents to help people in her city in Mexico for free. My mother was a witness to some of these stunning happenings .)

I’ve always known, specially being Latina, that it was important to connect with my ancestors. This is something I’ve recently been focusing on during my pattern. Yesterday was the first day I spoke out to my huge grandmother, out loud and in my recollection. All period I invited members into my dreams, because I wanted to know her. I echoed “ I am open to receiving your letters, ability and guidance.” I said, if you’re okay with it, I’d love your help on steering me on my destined itinerary. I also make her is a well-known fact that I was constructing specific areas of my altar for her and knew some of the things she affection from floors and would soon be adding those pieces and wanted to know if there was anything she’d like exclusively.

Fast forward to last nighttime. After hoping that my spirit navigates, or grandmother would come through I floated off to sleep. I started to dream immediately although this felt different than a dream, it felt like a storage. I was sitting in a rocking chair on the hall of an age-old room. I felt very calm and was rocking in the chair .. unexpectedly I rocked more far back and felt like I fell. I woke up propelling my hands in the air as if I has only just been drop back out of a chair. My boyfriend was still awake and was frightened by how I instantaneously woke up and jolted the bed. I immediately told him and descended back to sleep … I started to dream again .. kind of ?? My vision turned lily-white and all I can really remember were sides contacting out to me. It was like I was having a telepathic discourse nearly. I can’t remember what exactly was being said or who I was connecting with but I remember what I was trying to communicate. I was asking for a mansion, and almost asking, what they needed or wanted from me. The only thing I could clearly make do and stood out to me was a bee. Just that, a bee. I woke up and immediately told my lover again, only because it felt so different. Much different than a regular dream. I wasn’t truly expecting anything, it just happened.

I called my momma the next morning and told her what happened.( She knows I’ve been wanting to connect ). She immediately started crying and told me her grandmother basically lives in a shake chair on her foyer and that my mommy use to love to sit out there with her and play with her mane. When she told me that I had the wintries for like five minutes with the “hairs-breadth” on my arms remaining straight up.

What I wanted to get across is that, I’ve been reaching out to my flavor templates for quite sometime. Although I may not have had clear interactions with them, I ever are to be achieved and look for indicates. Precisely because it hasn’t happened in the last 2 years or even 15 years, your themes may come tomorrow. I love you all and believe you’re on a destined footpath now on earth. I’m thankful we are here together. [?]

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