“The time has come”

We are going to enter a period essential for our evolution. I is more likely to only meet part of it in this person that has helped my being to learn, understand and desire for over 60 times. But you, the younger ones, are going to live through times, sometimes difficult, for certain, but that millions of someones all over the Universe would like to live extremely. Everything has already started with the virus, which will continue to be an important player in our future. I would not give you details, on the one pas, because they are subject to unnecessary debate and waste of time. You who see more and more the “Spiritual” locates on the net and those, many, who are going to start, there existed one mode to know which ones are created by beings of Light come to accompany you and those invented by twilight and dictatorial someones hungry for strength. Remember that our Brothers of Light will never address you with pessimism and telling you that you will have to suffer, be afraid and shut yourself up at home for your safety. All the discussions, press sections, videos, supposedly spiritual locates and all the cynical, negative, alarmist knowledge predicting you a dark and pain future will be the work of crafty beings and addicts to strength or, themselves operated by forces of the inequality. Do not share them in any way so that they do not spread like another virus. All the writings, videos and websites that will tell you about difficult times to come, but which we will overcome together, because they came from the stars to accompany us and help us enter a new epoch of high-pitched consciousness and shared Love, are the ones you will share without rest so that they are read and heard by as countless as possible around the world. Start today and you will understand, one day approaching, that you have free-spoken yourself( s) thanks to your Faith and your Love. We all love you and that is why we have already started. This send is the witness and the proof. Faith and Love. to be provided by / u/ Domloren [ attach ] [ observation ]

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