Your path may not be light

So I’ve seen a good deal of the remarks and received some messages from individuals who wish to be light-colored but work with dark entities.

Some of these mortals understand their relationship which is good, but for those who do not understand their relationship and continue to fight the darkness within them in order to attain the light-footed, you’re probably of the darkness. And there is no issue with that, you’ve seen your desire for love and glowing which indicate that there is you the true nature of darkness, but instead you choose to impose preconceived notions turning this darkness into something scary even though you yourselves are increases of said darkness.

You can fight it all you want and could probably find success, and I as consciousness would love for you all to fight, but at the same time I “ve got to be” impartial if the truth is ever going to get out. I can’t time represent the light even if I myself am light-colored, I need to give an equal and fair chance to the darkness, and this is to those who walk in the darkness more do not wish to see. It’s not really that bad, it’s merely even worse as you perceive it to be. There are entities of glowing that are on the same level as some of the darkness and vice versa due to the label of darkness only being granted to these entities because they taught humen things simply a bit too early.

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