Sunchronisities in a… psych ward

Hello everyone I hope that members all are having a good life.

So I started get penetrating into spirituality and realted things around the end of 2019 and first half of 2020. A parcel of synchonisities happened around that time, it reached me go out of my comfort areas in lots of places of my life. Unfortunately, it concluded me get this psychotic hollow thing and I ended up in the hospital for a whole month. I think it was too much to me and I recall I didn’t know how to properly respect the ego farming I was doing…

I thought that the psych district is going to have beings that I only wont sound with and I was so wrong. I met 3 beings there that I felt like they only literally sent to me by the universe for a purpose.

At first it was this old lady that was so into spirituality and we would talk about the universe and synchonisities and precisely living and the acces of living. She was there for a week and then she was secreted from research hospitals. I was so surprised and understood by her.

The second party was a guy a year older or younger than me( i cant retain now ). I was 18 at the time. He got into the fight and got there because supposedly he was “too aggressive for society”. But it was the opposite of truth. He was also into yoga, self nurture and he also believed that his mom had a very strong intuitive abilities that she knew how was he feeling through long distance. He was away from her living in the child foster home and he was planning to get reunited with her.

The third being had a strongest influence to me. We also met after the psych district. He was this 24 yo guy. He knew everything I knew and we got so many synchonisities foresaw this time together it was crazy. It wont make sense to you guys but it did to us. I retain we fulfill together after the hospital and ambled around the city and like we would get approached by people with being questions( a pregnant alcoholic female approached us for a help and told us about their own lives ), then a spiritual healer literally recognized us and told us that we looked like good “kids” … likewise while we walked around the street we assured so many autoes with repeating numbers on the plates, he point out here that all of them, and one of the craziest things that happened is that we were getting some snakcs, liquors in the storage and with no desire the premium was 4.44 for us. He said that when we were together it was the craziest synchronisities that happened. It was weird being with him!

Anyways. There were more things that happened in the psych ward and parties from it. And it was a crazy experience in “peoples lives” that converted everything there is. I hope that this story was interesting to you. Even tho it seems like nothing crazy to you, it was for me when i was experiencing it. Feel free to AMA!

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