I have done everything to clear my karma and I’m still in a cycle of terrible outcomes.

Hi there.

I’ve doing the things that I can in my superpower to clear my bad karma: prayer, forgiveness, soothing, spiritual enlightenments – you mentioned it, I’ve done it all in efforts to rectify any possible bad actions and to clear my bad karma. Nothing has worked. I have suffered default after failure generally. I have watched everyone else sprint ahead in life and secure good outcomes for themselves and convene their goals. I have never been able to do this – I’ve drove fantastically hard-handed, I’ve sacrificed, I’ve tried my best.

The upshot is that I’m completely fucked up, depressed, expectant, unaccomplished and no where near to my goals in soul. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others but I’m truly starting to see myself as a heinous human being who can’t get anything right. Everything I do is ending up wrong or fruitless. It’s starting to tire me out a fair bit.

What else can I do to clear my bad karma? Is there anyone who can do a see on me involving what I did to deserve all of this?

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