[Re-post] Can you help? Post Traumatic Growth & Character Strengths Transcendence, Awe, Gratitude, Hope,Humor & Spirituality (10-minute online questionnaire)

Hi everyone, expressed appreciation for for you responses so far! I still need participants to take part in this online survey!

For my investigate project in my MSc in Positive Psychology& Well-being I am exploring persona strongs as predictors in post traumatic growth. I am interested in the possible positive mental reform that can occur from pain. If you have suffered or evidenced a harrowing affair, aged 18+, it occurred over 4-months ago and you are willing to taking part please follow the link below.

Your participation is appreciated!

https :// ljmupsych.qualtrics.com/ jfe/ model/ SV_e9RIKcbxyPmfuFo

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