Is anyone else feeling drained?

This covid pandemic was a blessing as a expletive. I was chilled for 7 years before paw, and getting to stay at home with no obligation to contribute to civilization or having to socialize, left me with more time to focus on myself. I started my spiritual wander because of it, I “ve learned” true-life unconditional joy, i have learnt self love, I have dealt with childhood trauma and I continue to work on my healing.

I wielded in a prohibit that shut down due to the first fasten down in my country and was unable to find another job as a waitress after that due to restaurants not even having enough hours for their returning faculty. After one and a half years, I lastly found another job that I have been at for a week. I find it’s been so socially draining being around that countless parties again. I set a healthy border for myself and cut off anyone who took away from my force but now I am thrown into environmental issues where I have to deal with these vitality sucking beasts. Some parties just have such bad vibes and I try not to be affected by it but when it’s 100 ’s of different beings I’m dealing with in a nighttime, it’s hard to block out all of them.

Is anyone else feeling this path or have any gratuities they’d be willing to share to combat this?

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