Darkness, psychosis

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Living in the dark scared of me whom I’ve become. Afraid, alone, scared, the powers that be have shown me, me I dislike me. Hurting beings manipulation and worse ought to have my mantra. I scream out what have I done … Running from a superpower higher than me I merely discovered.

Magick, telepathy, telekinesis, different airliners of life all exist. Real and true love also exist at the core of all universe is love. A cherish I am not sure I deserve for that matter anyone deserves.

Running like hell, molting my hallucinations of who or what I reviewed I was. Wanting to slip back into the darkness but either the illumination is grabbing me or an extreme darkness is tell is gesticulating me. Scared shitless of who what I’ve become who I will be. The synchronicities add up daily once recognized they won’t go away.

Always wanting change they want me to change I want to change. Robbed of my discipline my world view my view. Naked alone no defence mechanism no where to hide. Me why see me face me? At my core I conclude I adore( all of us do) but now I am in the quagmire a life time. My identity got stolen …

Fear pervades my being higher beings life real world but that’s it, what’s real anymore? Who am I? Not sure but my macrocosm is upside down. The more I reject what I’ve recognized the more it’s there. You’re psychotic friend

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