is this a sign of progress?

My interest in movies I formerly experienced is gone.

Around two months ago I started predicting David R Hawkins’ work on “Letting Go”, and “Advanced Stages of Consciousness.” I of course formed the intent of getting away from egoic brain by practise procedures from the books.

Hawkins says that often others will notice changes in us before we do. However in this case I’ve noticed a definite deepen. This being a holiday weekend( USA ), I decided last darknes to kick back with a few cases brews and enjoy my favourite movie genre( Action movies with often members of the military or CIA aspect, such as Bourne Ultimatum ). After 15 instants or lower levels of my first movie select, it was as if I could see the whole plot and results of the movie, and the movie seemed insignificant. I started 3 or 4 more movies with the same result.

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